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Strutter's Year in Review, Pt. II

We left you in suspense with the last post. Here is the rest of the Year in Review. September As more people discovered athleisure during the pandemic, Lululemon Athletica announced it will extend its clothing size range up to size 20. Until recently the brand was straight-sized only.

October The person behind the popular body-acceptance social media account Yr Fat Friend revealed her name in a social media post while promoting her debut book, " What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat" (out now).
November There is a new ally in inclusivity: Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. While on the U.K.-based podcast, " A Gay and a NonGay , " Halford rallied for body inclusivity not just in the gay community, but in society.
December FabUplus returned to the newsstands! After a year hiatus, the plus size magazine came back with a stellar guest editor and thought-provoking content. Get your subscription h ere .

Strutter's Year in Review, Pt. II
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