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Welcome to Strutter!

It's oft-said that one has to be the change they want to see in the world. So here I am, hitting the "publish" button on Strutter.

Strutter started four years ago as a thought: Where can I find out what's going on in the plus-size community. I contacted some publishing insiders about it, but nothing came of it. Strutter the mag had eluded me.

Then, an epiphany: Strutter as a plus-size news site. No stying tips. No affirmations with cool typography. No life hacks. Only news about the plus-size world.

The goal is to make Strutter a destination for coverage of the plus-size industry. There are plenty of sites devoted to plus-size fashion. Bloggers who were on the early front of the plus-size movement are now brands themselves, and will always have Strutter's undying loyalty and respect. But Strutter will stick to reporting news.

Which leads me to today, the launch of Strutter. It's in the beta (meta-beta?) phase. Bare with me, people.

Feedback is always welcomed. Leads are also welcomed. Email if you have either/or.

Thanks in advance for your support,



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