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Model Points Out Beauty's Flaws

The beauty industry might be broadening its horizons, but according to one model, it still needs work.

Model Philomena Kwao addressed this back in February in a blog on Huffington Post U.K. Titled "Is My Black Not Beautiful?" Kwao was frustrated that inclusion has yet to be taken seriously in the cosmetics industry. For Kwao, a dark-skinned woman who has accessibiluty to every makeup artist and brand around, she still had difficulity finding the right makeup to suit her needs.

Today, HuffPo U.K. followed up with Kwao, who has some suggestions not just for the industry she works in, but for those who feel just as excluded as she does.

“We need to take a look at the cosmetic industry and what they’re providing as well, and whether they’re offering enough tools for makeup artists to do their job," says Kwao.

Her recent frustrations extend to the plus-size modeling as well. While more plus-size models are getting visibility, it still lacks diversity.

“I think much noise has been made about size – different shapes and body shapes, but when it comes to ethnicity being represented in plus as well, we still have a lot of work to do.”

However, Kwao doesn't want to fight alone. She suggests the public, especially young women, voice their opinions to companies via social media. “The average girl can sit down and message or Tweet them and say: ‘Hey, what about me? Don’t forget me."


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