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Say "No" to TLC's "Reveal"

Earlier today, Popsugar posted a story regarding the casting process for TLC's "Say Yes To the Dress." Spoiler alert: The article is basically a breakdown of the show's online application to appear on a taping of the show at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City.

No big deal, right? Skip down to the fourth item. Among the tips, like "Have Money To Spend" and "Really Be Able To Sell Yourself" is "Reveal Whether or Not You're Plus Size."

Hmm. "Reveal" is an interesting word for the writer to use in the article. If you're sending an application to be on a reality TV show, chances are you're an uninhibited person. Ideally, when you "reveal" anything, it's because it was information that was originally kept secret. You reveal details of a dark time of your life. You reveal the name of person who broke your heart. On a lighter note, you reveal the gender of your baby on Facebook. But "reveal" your clothing size, especially if you're plus size? It's continuing the notion that women may be embarrassed of their size. Not cool.

Moving on, sort of: Kleinfeld Bridal doesn't list on its application what is considered "plus size" in their store. There is a plus size gown gallery on their website, but no size ranges listed. To be fair, they don't list straight-size ranges, either. In an industry where a size 10 could be considered "plus size," doesn't this seems like crucial information for both TLC and Kleinfeld Bridal to omit?

There are some bridal gown websites where actual plus-sizes are listed. Generally, plus-size bridal gowns range sizes 14-30 , and as StyleCaster noted a couple years ago, plus-size bridal gowns can go up to 44W. So there.

If you're still intrested in applying for "SYTTD" after "revealing" your size, you'll also have to give your opinion on the store's plus-size bridal gown selection. I take that's for the more loyal viewer of "SYTTD." Wild guess: the contestants who love what the store has to offer will go farther in rounds than those who send in more constructive criticism.


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