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Get to Know: Becca McCharen

Becca McCharen is the head of design label Chromat. Performers like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna chose Chromat's distinctive bodysuits to wear while performing on stage. Her structured activewear has been featured on the pages of Sports Illustrated and Self.

McCharen's approach to design dips into her background in architecture, as she sees Chromat as "structural experiments for the human body."

Like any experiment, it must be tested on a lot of subjects. At the recent Chromat show during Fashion Week, diversity was the focus of the Chromat catwalk. Models of color, plus-size and trans were all featured, a breath of fresh air from the same five straight-size models in the headlines during Fashion Week.

“All our runway models represent who who inspire us, whether it’s trans women, women of color, curve models, that’s my world and that’s the world we live in and that’s who I want to celebrate,” said McCharen to Huffington Post.

McCharen herself is the focus on the Acutally She Can Film Series, three short films that will premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival. The films acknowledge accomplishments by young women who are challenging the status quo and making changes in their world. The videos go live on April 22.


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