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Bevy Smith Gets Real About Health

If you've watched "Fashion Queens" on Bravo in the past, then you know just how fierce TV personality/journalist Bevy Smith can be. On her recent podcast, Bevy Says, Smith shared the changes she made in her life in her quest to be a healthier self in time for a milestone birthday which is less than six months away.

In a recent Facebook post, Smith shares her reasons behind making these changes. A hectic work itinerary threw her off her schedule, which led to poor food choices and laxing on workouts. However, she understood it was just a set back and refused to give up on her health. "I understood that TROUBLE DON'T LAST ALWAYS, this too would pass and I would come back to the me who was mindful about the connection of MIND, BODY & SPIRIT!"

Kudos to Smith for realizing health isn't just physical, but mental and emotional as well. Hear her full podcast here.


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