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Your New Style Guide Has Arrived!

Most of us follow fashion to the best of our ability. Some people believe there are hard and fast rules to fashion: Wear this, not that. Very few people, no matter what their size, can wear the looks seen on the runway IRL.

If you're plus size, fashion rules—and insensitivity—seem to triple.: Wear scarves to draw attention to your face, or avoid large prints and stripes to downplay your size. But we're no longer noddling politely in silence to unwanted criticism. When one mag suggested certain body types avoid wearing crop tops, the social media backlash proved not only how antiquated the body-shaming tip was, but debunked the advice entirely.

There is a style guide with the modern plus size woman in mind. Thanks to Susan Moses and her new book, "The Art of Dressing Curves," women can find their personal style without feeling like they're under the scrutiny of department store sales reps.

Moses, a stylist who has worked with the likes of Queen Latifah and Wynonna Judd, focuses on dressing for one's body type rather fixating on a size. Knowing what works for your particular body type could take a lot of the guesswork out of clothes shopping. Moses also knows first-hand what people are motivated by when shopping, and offers suggestions to avoid some common styling mistakes we all make.

"The Art of Dressing Curves" could be considered as a styling bible for the curvy, but also a valuable resource for anyone who eschews plus size fashion rules as we know them.


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