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EXCLUSIVE: JCP's Boutique Plus Launch at Manhattan Mall

Strutter discovered the news of the launch of Boutique Plus at JC Penney in the Manhattan Mall by chance. When checking Instagram this morning, Strutter read noted writer Liz Black's post about the launch she, Margie Plus and Ashely Nell Tipton would be attending. Obviously, Strutter's plans shifted drastically and headed to Herald Square for the event.

News of the new plus size line at JCP was announced earlier this month, and fans of Tipton from "Project Runway" have been anticipating her clothing line since winning Season 14 last year. (Her nail polish line tied fans over, barely.)

Props to JCP for holding the Boutique Plus launch in the middle of the floor! If you're straight size, it might seem like a weird thing to notice, but to a plus-size shopper, this is everything. Most department stores that carry a plus size (or Womens') section are located in hard-to-find places or tucked away in a corner. The Boutique Plus was featured prominently, and rightfully so.

One hallway was lined up with models (including Black and Margie) on pedestals, wearing the latest from Boutique Plus' line. It was a thoughtful way of showcasing the line. As most of us know, clothing may look good on the hanger, but it's a whole 'nother story when trying it on in the dressing room. Strutter tried to get a shot of the line o' ladies, but admittedly isn't the greatest photographer. As for Tipton, she met with fans earlier but was whisked away for interviews when Strutter arrived. In a city where plus size options are few, JPC's Boutique Plus is a welcomed addition with on-trend looks in a finicky city.


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