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Get to Know: Yona New York

Before the launch of Strutter, indie clothing label Yona New York was on its radar for its gorgeous yet wearable outfits. Sporting a look you love as often as you can is an aesthetic that designer Yona

Love had since she was a child. "I love classic, I love chic," raves Love, who can name the designer a person is wearing from across the room. Launching Yona New York is her passion, but also a necessity: creating

quality outfits with style for the plus-size community. "It's hard out there," says Love. "It's not about

making money, it's about people feeling good."

Pic: Yona New York

Love's path to Yona New York differs from the typical designer. While the average 18-year old fashion student interned for a big-time designer while taking classes, the native New Yorker was working

at her family's construction consulting business while taking night classes at FIT in Manhattan. One can

say she gained business savvy from the family business. "I learned management skills, [how to handle] feedback. Employees are important. My employees are my family," says Love. "I learned it's going to be OK. You build your faith. Everything I do I put my heart into it."

With growth follows more challenges. Love's aim is designing pieces for the label while keeping prices reasonable. "Finding fabrics is hard," admits Love. "I'm still trying to learn the trade secrets. Trying to keep prices down is important to me, not just purchase something pretty. Budget and time constraints are a


For Love, Yona New York a label than endures trends and the growing competition in plus size

fashion. "There is a lot more variety. People are now getting used to it," says Love. "It's not just a novelty. Choices is a good thing. It gives people a sense of comparison and identify themselves withing the lines." Love knows those who choose Yona New York are choosing for a reason. "Everyone has a story."

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