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Oh, C'Mon: Jennifer Lawrence Deemed "Plus Size" in Hollywood?

This isn't exactly a new story (it's been covered since 2012). But I put myself in actor Jennifer Lawrence's shoes. After sitting through a series of press junkets to promote her recent film "A Beautiful Planet," answering the same five questions to journalist after journalist, Lawrence had to reach deep down to share another story about her definition of"beautiful" for the 18th time. Ergo, this anecdote about her and pal Amy Schumer for "Extra" (via Teen Vogue).

"There's so many different ways to be beautiful; Amy [Schumer] and I are always laughing about it," Jennifer said. "Everyone always talks about us like, 'Look, plus-size actresses!' Our idea of what is curvy is, like, so bizarre."

One statement is accurate: The definition of curvy in Hollywood (or society? It's unclear who the "our" Lawrence is referring to) is warped. At least Lawrence can see through the BS and give it the tepid response it deserves. By now we all know Schumer objects to the label, and Strutter is helping Schumer end the conversation by not linking the numerous responses she had about being labeled "plus size" to this story.

As you were.


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