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In Paraguay, Being Called "Miss Gordita" is a Honor

Did you know Paraguay held an annual beauty pageant for plus-size women? Well, now you know. The new Miss Gordita Paraguay was crowned in Asuncion last night.

"Gordita" means "chubby girl' in Spanish. It's considered a term of endearment, but those who've been called "Gordita" might consider it more like a backhanded compliment.

Now in its fifth year, Miss Gordita Paraguay gives what some may say are mixed messages. The pageant started as a way to fight obesity discrimination in the country, but the winner of the title receives a free gym membership, a nutritionist, and new wardrobe.

The Miss Gordita Paraguay pageant doesn't have an official website, but lists a phone number on its Facebook page and not much else. Plus Model Magazine shared details about the competition on its website last year.

Miss Gordita FB page

Romina Verna, first-place winner of Miss Gordita 2016, gave post-victory advice to her countrymen: "I urge you not to be inhibited, not to hide in your homes. To get out there! To do exercise! To do everything you want. Don't live in hiding or care what people say. People have to look in the mirror and feel beautiful because all women are beautiful."


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