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The Ballad of The Plus-Size Male Model

via IMG Models

While women plus-size models are having quite the year, the male models in the field are just starting out. The New York Times profiled IMG Brawn model Zach Miko and his rise as the premier male plus-size model. Here, he talks about what he hopes to do with his newfound fame:

“I was always the big kid who felt like the outsider,” Mr. Miko said. “For me, the coolest thing about this is the idea that kids like me can look at a website or a magazine and see somebody their size instead of these Adonises.” He added, “I think that’s going to do amazing things for their self-esteem.”

Lots of men (and women) can relate to—and be inspired by—Miko's story. But Miko wouldn't have the chance if it weren't for IMG president Ivan Bart, who discovered him and launched the Brawn division. For Bart, the idea came to him during a trip to London to scout more plus-size female models. He succinctly tells the NY Times of the catalyst :

I thought, ‘We cannot have this conversation one more minute without a male perspective.’”

You know what? Bart is absolutely right. It'll be interesting to see just how long Brawn models will come up in the modeling industry, and who'll score coveted modeling campaings and magazine covers.


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