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Reba McEntire Adds Plus Size to Dillard's Clothing Line

Country star Reba McEntire has a clothing line. Did anyone else know about this?

Reba plus size clothing via Plus Model Mag

Apparently, the Reba clothing line is carried at Dillard's since 2005. In addition to her bedding, luggage and shoe line, McEntire is adding a plus-size women's collection.

In an exclusive interview with Plus Model Magazine, McEntire talks fashion:

"To be honest, I never paid enough attention to fashion before I started designing fashion. When performing, I paid close attention to my stylists and how they dressed me. This really helped with my own design style."

You gotta give it to McEntire: She's very honest about her licensing deals. So why is McEntire starting a plus-size womens line now?

"I wanted to give options to my fans and customers who couldn’t fit my clothes. I am thrilled and excited at how well it is being received at Dillard's!"

There you have it: A straight-forward case of supply and demand, with a well-placed plug. Buy her new plus-size line here.


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