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Buzzfeed Boosts Body Positivity All Week Long

Via Buzzfeed

Many media outlets promote body positivity, (including Strutter), but only one is devoting a week of content to it.

Buzzfeed is celebrating Body Positivity Week on its site by sharing stories about how everyday people deal with their body issues.

Since Monday, the website has posted 20 stories(!) about body positivity. Topics range from skin color to eating disorders, bodybuilding to self-esteem. Posts include:

  • 12 Times Bollywood Celebrities Perfectly Shut Down Body Shamers

  • This Plus-Size Ballerina Proves All Bodies Are Beautiful

  • 11 Easy Things You Can Do When You’re Just Not Feeling Yourself

With Buzzfeed's Body Positivity Week, the site's goal is "to represent people often left out of mainstream media narratives, and to provide resources for readers as they move through their respective body image journeys."

More posts will be added throughout the week, but the current list should keep you busy.


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