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Margie Released Her New Music Video, and It's Everything

Earlier today, stylist/blogger Margie just released the video for her newest single, "So Bad" via Galore. Directed by Loic Maes (who worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Steven Klein and Steven Meisel), with styling production by insiders who have worked with iconic entertainers ("When you have Rihanna and Beyoncé’s team and you’re a big bitch — I’m even shocked," says Margie) the singer explains what is was so crucial to get everything just right for "So Bad:"

"I’m trying to defy boundaries here. You don’t see a big girl with eight video hoes who are guys, a big girl showing skin and even having that high caliber of work. In that plus size scene it’s not as high…"

Finding inspiration in women like Beth Ditto and Melissa McCarthy, Margie's putting in work to make sure plus size women are represented in fashion and have options, even if it takes her longer than expected:

"We’re not naïve, the plus size community, we’re not naïve to the fact that it’s not happening over night and the big girl is still gonna be the sidekick. But then we have Melissa McCarthy who’s doing things and it’s showing me that we’re getting more and more okay with it. Who else is plus size and doing something? It’s not very many. It’s cool showing this whole music thing."

Download "So Bad" on iTunes and Spotify.



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