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Lena Dunham: "Plus Size" is an Outdated Term

At last night's Webby Awards in NYC, Cosmo interviewed "Girls" actor/director/writer Leah Dunham, who believes the term "plus size" in antiquated.

Dunham was recently in a skit with the Comedian Who Is Not Plus Size about the shopping experience for an average woman. Like her co-star, Dunham gets lumped into the plus size label unfairly, but isn't plus size. In Dunham's world, fashion is inclusive and women are beautiful just the way they are:

"...[T]here's nothing wrong with being any size! As long as you feel comfortable with yourself — even if you don't feel comfortable with yourself! — there's nothing wrong with being any size."

For Dunham, who is considered "brave" for getting naked on "Girls" and is against Photoshop, her call to drop "plus size" feels slightly more genuine than some of her peers demanding the same thing. Using "plus size" to describe a person may feel old to some celebrities, but the news cycle of celebrities decrying the term is becoming just as stale.


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