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The Worst Career Advice Ashley Graham Ever Received

Before becoming one of the most popular plus size models in history, Ashley Graham was a struggling model trying to book gigs. We all heard horror stories about new models subjected to unscrupulous people in the industry, and Graham was no different.

In the new issue of People, Graham shares what she endured while working with an unnamed modeling agent who thought money changes everything—including Graham's dress size:

"I had one that waved money in my face and said, 'If you lose more "lb's" – pounds – you can make a lot more of this,' and he was waving $20 bills in my face."

Unnerved by the agent's financial incentive, Graham's self-esteem took a hit. Daily affirmations and exercising more helped Graham heal herself and soon began to blaze trails in the plus size industry.

The modeling agent got it all wrong with Graham: The best revenge—not motivation—is your paper.


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