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UPDATE: Carolina Herrera Won't Hire Plus-Size Models...With Good Reason

UPDATE as of 5/25/16 2:51PM EST: The story is no longer on

Designer Carolina Herrera is curating her premiere exhibition, Refined Irreverence at Savannah College of Art & Design. In an interview with, Herrara shares how fashion is better suited in fantasy, and why you won't see plus size models in her shows.

"One of the reasons you show on tall and skinny models is because you have the audience sitting there dreaming that they are going to look like them. You can't show the clothes on normal women, like me, because it doesn't work. Fashion is a dream. In shows I don't use plus size models because I don't do plus size. But if I decide to do a plus size collection, of course I would use them! I'm not saying skinny ones are better than the other ones, no, I'm just saying that the shows are shown on skinny girls because that's the way the clothes look the best, with no forms or anything."

Before you get upset that Herrera won't hire curvy women her next fashion campaign, you gotta admit she has a point: Why feature models who won't do her line justice, and vice versa?

Note how Herrera doesn't rule out working on a plus-size line. Maybe it's up her iconic long, white button-down sleeve in the future. It sounds like if she were to do one, it would have to be done right. Isn't that what plus size customers want out of a fashion line: thoughful, well-excuted clothing sized right?


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