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Male Plus Size Model is the Toast of German Advertising

Adweek has brought to light a German TV ad for mattress company Muun, with bouncer Frank Künster as its spokesman in the web and billboard ad. The newly-minted nude male model is causing a stir in Germany. Below is how the Adweek writer describes Künster in the commercial:

At 300 pounds, Künster isn't exactly a hard body. But he's entirely comfortable in his own sagging, hairy skin, and that message comes through in the (probably SFW) two-and-a-half-minute film below.

It's like watching close-up footage of an alien world as the camera tastefully caresses his every crack and crevice, lingering on a nipple here, a kneecap there. Künster's rhythmic narration—even for those who can't understand German—is hypnotic.

One wonders how well-received this commerical would be if a plus size woman was the star. However, the new attention doesn't phase Künster at all. He's pretty chill about it. In fact, he was so chill he fell asleep during filming:

"I am so strong, I can afford to be gentle," he says, according to the translation. "Because I want to understand my fellow man, I prefer to talk instead of reacting physically, and I like to listen."



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