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Artist Shows How Drastic Weight Loss Effects the Body with "Half"

For years, Julia Kozerski has been documenting her weight loss through her art. The "Changing Room" series tracks her weight loss in a way that no scale can. Her newest work, "Half" (Warning: NSFW) showcases her how body's transformation from losing 160 pounds effects her everyday. Relationships, self-worth, self-perception are all themes Kozerski touches upon via her photography in "Half."

Refinery29 profiled Kozerski and her work in its "Take Back the Beach" series (?), coupled with Kozerski's feelings about her work. "Every stretch mark, every scar, every dimple and mark — it's who we are. I wish more people could experience themselves as I did while making my work, and gain a better appreciation for their own gifts."

Kozerski's work is truly commendable. For all the talk of inclusiveness by people who may not understand what a plus size person goes through day-to-day, Kozerski is walking the walk by sharing her physical and emotional scars with us all in "Half."


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