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Winner of "The Shot" Would Like to Change Modeling from the Inside

Agnes Lloyd-Platt was named winner of W Magazine's The Shot, a talent search for up-and-coming fashion photographers. Her goal as a photgrapher "is to push optimism on people." Sounds good. But how will does she feel about changing society's views regarding body image? Well, W Magazine got the deets:

"’s difficult to talk to an agency or a casting agent and say we’re looking for a girl who needs to be bigger than this size, without saying we need her to be plus size, because she’s really not plus size at all – she’s the majority of women in the UK or the US. And then you talk to them, and they’ve got all these ideas of how they can change the industry and how they think that they can only do it from the inside. It’s really great, because essentially when you’re shooting together, you’re always going to be a team, and you’re always going to be looking to produce the best work."

Here's hoping Lloyd-Platt stays strong with her convictions and features women and men of all shapes and sizes in the future.


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