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Another Social Media Network Bans a Plus-Size Photo for No Reason

No, it's not deja vu. A social media network removed a photo featuring plus size women in bathing suits becuase it violated its guidelines.

Instagram took down a photo of blogger Aarti Olivia Dubey and two other women in bathing suits. The reason? A few people reported the photo to Instagram as being offensive (read: fat women in bathing suits were so offensive to some people they reprted Dubey's pic to Instagram.)

Dubey reposted the photo, with a new caption directed at Instagram. "HOW is this image being hateful, hurtful, abusive, trolling or obscene? Do three fat girls in swimsuits equate to gore, porn, racism, sexism? Or is it that people only want to see slim girls in swimsuits?"

The founder of Curves Become Her posted the phoot to mark a career milestone: Dubey is the first plus-size woman to write for CLEO, a fashion magazine in Singapore. The picutre was a behind-the-scenes shot from the photoshoot.

Almost two weeks later, Instagram reposted her photo and sent an apology about its error. No one knows why it took close to two weeks for Instagram to review the "offensive material." At least it took Facebook mere hours to reverse its ban on the photo of Tess Holliday used in an event hosted by Cherchez la Femme when they realized they messed up.

Still, this is a lesson we can all learn from Dubey went through with Instagram. When someone is trying to keep you from being you, fight back no matter how big the bully is.


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