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Local Mom Tries to Body-Shame Male Swim Instructor, Fails.

A mom whose daughter is in the swim program at the Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation is insisting that a male swim instructor cover up.

In a letter to Arlington Parks and Rec, which can be read here, the mom is demanding the instructor to cover up during her daughter's lesson so there's no distraction. Distraction from what? Not sure. "Unfortunately the male instructor’s breasts were flopping on the water and we felt extremely uncomfortable with her getting into the water skin-to-skin and in such close proximity to his intimate space," says the mom known only as "Lynn."

In their response to Lynn's letter, a rep from Parks and Rec (in Arlington, not the TV show-although this reads like a plotline from the show) refused to strong-arm the instructor to cover up. Unsatisfied with the decision, Lynn tried to get the attention of her local media, hoping to bring the community center to its knees. In a separate letter:

Hello Arlington County Newspapers, Radio and Media Corp:

Do you know how badly the Arlington County Parks & Recreation System sucks? Get back in touch with me and I’ll gladly share my experiences from over the years. It’s mostly due to responses like the one I received — it’s like everyone in the parks & rec system have undergone the exact same training: “How to be a Jerk”.

Today’s response is not the first of its nature. Again, I would be glad to share my experiences with you, you will be shocked. Please get back in touch with me.

While Lynn is shining a light on Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation, it's probably NOT for the reasons she is hoping for. A trained lifeguard is being subjected to body-shaming, which is the crux of this story—and the real lesson Lynn's daughter is learning from all of this publicity.


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