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UPDATE: Does Anyone Have Proof that Gary Cohen Refused to Say "Fat" When Talking About &qu

Strutter received a tip earlier today that the hosts of the "Joe and Evan" show on CBS Radio roasted Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen for not using the nickname of former Mets pitcher "Fat Jack" Fisher.

Fisher was an answer to a triva question during yesterday's broadcast of Mets Vs Pirates game at CitiField. Cohen allegedly referred to the pitcher as Jack Fisher. Technically, Cohen is correct, but avoided using the word "fat."

Does anyone have footage/audio of it? None exists online from CBS or SNY (the channel that broadcasted yesterday's Mets game)...yet. If you do, please send the audio or video to

UPDATE: Strutter obtained some of the audio from last night's game.

If you go to 00:09, Cohen explains why he didn't use Fisher's nickname to his colleagues Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez.

Cohen: Jack was known by a nickname that referred to his body type, which you can't use now. So I won't say it.

[Muffled laughing]

Darling: That'll be used..[inaudible]

Hernandez: For commercial break.

Cohen: You could of used it for Colon, too. But you can't say that.

[Long pause]

Hernandez: OK, whatever you say.

Cohen: Times changed, you know. Well, sensibilities changed.

Hernandez: For better or for worse.

Cohen: Um, one way or the other.

Despite Darling and Hernandez's combined chop-busting, Cohen didn't apologize and stood his ground. Just because it was said in the past doesn't mean it should be said now.


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