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JCPenney Made a Brutally Honest Video to Promote Its Plus Size Line

Yesterday, JCPenney released the video "Here I Am" on YouTube to promote its plus size venture Boutique +.

The video's focus is less on the clothing line, more on the person. Rather than film models twirl around in the latest collection, author Jes Baker, musician Mary Lambert, blogger Gabi Fresh, yogi Valerie Sagun and Boutique+ designer/ambassador Ashley Nell Tipton all speak frankly about how they've embraced body positivity.

JCPenney is supporting the powerful video with the #HereIAm hashtag, launch at this weekend's CurvyCon.

In the video, the phrase "fat girl" is thrown around a lot. With this group of women, it's rightfully reduced from a stinging insult to a mere description. Now that is share worthy.


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