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Texas Woman Fights for Plus Size Amusement Park Safety Bill

A woman from Texas is lobbying for a new state law that would require test seats at amusement parks be made available to better ensure the safety of plus size riders.

This stems from Jessica Shaw's experience on a ride at the State Fair of Texas in 2014. After Shaw agreed to get on a ride with her teenage son, she quickly realized she was too big for the ride once the harness came down. As a result from squeezing herself into the ride, Shaw had two slipped discs in her neck, a torn rotator cuff and nerve damage. Shaw claims her doctors now consider her "medically disabled."

"Test seating would've been perfect for this situation because people would have the opportunity to test their body size before ever attempting to get in the line for the ride,’” says Shaw.

Senator Bob Hall (R-TX) has acknowledged Shaw's request and is considering a proposal.


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