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Old Calvin Klein Photo Sparks New Debate in U.K. Over "Plus Size"

A recent Calvin Klein advertisement in England featuring a old photo has caused a new debate on social media about what is truly is considered plus size.

The model at the center of the controversy is Myla Dalbesio, who received recognition for the Calvin Klein "Perfectly Fit" campaign back in 2014 when, as a size 8-10, was dubbed an "In Between Model" by Elle.

While Dalbesio nor Calvin Klein used the plus size label, she did talk about the frustrations of sticking to the standards in the modeling industry. Somehow, it was twisted into Calvin Klein calling a straight size model plus size, and the first wave of controversy two years ago hit fast.

This month, the photo was used again in a recent ad—boasting "Calvin Klein's First Plus Size Model"—and people took to Twitter to voice their outrage.

Among those who called out the Calvin Klein ad on social media is "Coronation Street" star Catherine Tyldesley, who tweeted “PLUS size?!?! Congrats on giving another generation of girls eating disorders/insecurities.” Tyldesley is known to publically address her own body issues and how being on TV put pressure on her appearance.

Not only did the rehashed ad question what the fashion industry considers plus size, but several people were questioning their own size via social media posts. This is probably not the intention CK had for its "Perfectly Fit" campaign in back in 2014, nor did they think they'd address the issue two years later thanks to a designer repurposing a picture.


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