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Finally, Some Serious Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

In the data gathered the 34 trials, researchers discovered abstinence from binge eating was happening with patients who were treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy and with medication like lisdexamfetamine (a central nervous system stimulant) and second-generation antidepressants including fluoxetine. Eating-related fixations were reduced significantly, and weight loss increased with the new treatment.

Until recently treatment for Binge Eating Disorder wasn't given the gravitas like bulimia and anorexia. As someone who is all too familiar with ED treatment, most places get BED treatment wrong. True story: this movie was once shown at a eating disorder treatment center, and the binge episodes were met with laughter. Doctors are recognizing the severity in BED, and patients have a better chance for recovery than the former BED prescription: Will power.


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