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ASOS Angers Its Customers Over Plus Size Label

Earlier today, ASOS posted a photo of cuvre model/filmmaker Naomi Shimada wearing an ASOS slip dress on its Instagram page. Many of ASOS' followers took issue with the ecommerce site labeling Shimada as "plus size" in the caption, as Fashionista first reported. Shimada is a size 18 UK, but many who saw the photo considered her to be average-sized.

To make amends, ASOS removed the term "plus size" from not just the Shimada post, but all posts in the future. But it only made things worse for the brand. In response to customer feedback, the social media rep for ASOS called the term "whack" and vowed not to it because "industry labels suck." Well, then.

Several followers, particularly fashion blogger Danielle Vanier, took issue with ASOS's sweeping stance against the phrase. "Plus size is a term that helps me find the clothes that fit my body," says writer Ally Garrett of Sydney. "It isn't an insult. Get a grip."

To remedy this mess, ASOS reached out to several of its customers who took to IG to voice their opinion about ASOS' label drop to conduct a focus group in the future. But is one necessary when there is very-detailed feedback on your IG page? All the social media manager would need to do is scroll down to find out how their valued customers feel and work on that.


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