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Body Shaming Playmate of The Year Now Crowned Meanest Person Ever

Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers of Los Angeles recently faced backlash for a Snapchat story. During her visit to the gym, she snuck a photo of a fellow gymgoer in the nude, uploaded it to her account, and mocked her body for all her followers to see. "If I can't unsee this then you can't either," Mathers wrote.

Mathers discovered her Twitter feed was filled with comments by followers who didn't share her opinion, and later posted a video to apologize. The Snapchat story has since been removed.

Body shaming has been going on forever. But this recent act is especially cruel, considering who did it and where it was done.

Anyone whose endured junior high knows some classically attractive people feel the need to ridicule those who they deem flawed. Those memories probably rushed back to fans of Mathers, who forgot that most who follow her account aren't fellow Playmates but average men and women.

Let's not gloss over where it happened: The gym locker room. The gym is a struggle for anyone regardless of size. Motivation especially wanes if one feels judged walking through the door. Going into the locker room to change shouldn't feel like going under a microscope.

With Mathers' social media post, she made the average woman's nightmare a reality. A physically attractive woman made fun of another woman's naked body behind her back, took a photo without her knowledge, then shared the photo with thousands of people.

In the apology video, Mathers admits the photo was supposed to be sent as a private message to a friend. So it's not really an apology to the woman she mocked or for body shaming in general. To paraphrase something a junior high school teacher might say in class, Mathers isn't sorry for her actions, she is sorry she got caught.


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