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OITNB Cast Member Part of Torrid's New Jean Campaign

Torrid_OITNB_Plus size news

Among the women standing shoulder to shoulder with models and bloggers in Torrid's new size inclusive jeans campaign is Adrienne C. Moore, AKA Black Cindy of "Orange Is the New Black."

In the new ad campaign, Torrid features the collection on 11 people. "The blue jean industry insists on fitting jeans on fit models whose shapes don't represent what American women really look like," says Liz Munoz, senior vice president of design, Torrid. "Everything we do at Torrid is done with our customer in mind; it's always about her. We fit on a fit models and cross check on multiple girls of varying sizes, and then tweak the cut until we know they really fit everyone. Lucky for me, for the first time in my career I get to actually wear the amazing jeans I design."

Yes, you read that right: The SVP of design at Torrid can finally wear jeans she helped design. How many other designers are creating looks but unable to wear them?

"Meeting all these ladies following their dreams and passions, it was really empowering to hear all their different stories," says Moore. "From a fashion standpoint, it looked amazing. It was so interesting to see the array of denim and styles, accentuating everyone's beautiful curves. We had a blast."

Moore's modeling debut follows fellow "OITNB" costar Danielle Brooks, who served as muse for Christian Siriano's recent Lane Bryant collection.



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