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Plus Size Male Model Ben Whit is a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Plus size news_Ben Whit

Sometimes you've got to trust your instincts. Former builder Ben Whit of Surrey did, and it landed him a modeling contract with Bridge Models in the U.K.

At 6"1', Whit thought he had the looks and frame of a model, and knew with the rise of plus size he could be a contender. What Whit didn't know was how to break into the modeling business. Thanks to his girlfriend, he got an opportunity to shine. From the U.K. edition of The Guardian:

After enduring his repeated brags that he had the looks of a model, she bought him a photoshoot as a present–ostensibly to support him, but perhaps just to shut him up, he admits.

When Whit saw that Bridge Models were looking for plus size male models, he sent some pics over from the photoshoot his girlfriend gifted him to their office. Whit scored a contract with Bridge, featured in men's big and tall line Bad Rhino, and has appeared on TV the U.K. and Germany since signing.

Unlike most job professions, women have the advantage in plus size modeling. This doesn't go unnoticed by Whit: “The world is ready for larger men. Women are doing really well in the plus-size industry. Now it’s time for us blokes to follow them.”


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