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Forgive, Not Forget: OITNB Star Says Designers Skip Her Due to Size

Fame has its downside. Despite being in high-profile projects like "Orange is the New Black" and last year's acclaimed film "Joy," actor Dascha Polanco has a tough time getting designer clothing to wear for red carpet events because of her size.

Below, in an interview with Vogue, Polanco (who wears sizes 8 to 10) says she gets the logic from the fashion industry—In other words, it's not right, but it's OK.

“I understand that it’s business, but still, it’s like, really? My industry friends, who are clear and honest with me say, “Girl, they don’t have your size, and you’re not at that level yet, so you have to either move that way or just build those relationships so that later in the future maybe it happens.”

Rather than wait around to fall in the good graces of designers and stylists who once overlooked her, Polanco is currently looking to start her own clothing line for straight and plus sizes. But when the day that designers crawl back to Polanco comes, she is ready:

“Now even if they want me to [wear their designs] down the road, I will not give them the pleasure. It’s disappointing, but I try to work with up-and-coming designers who will make things for me and who will collaborate with me. People who love my curves and embrace them as much as I do.”

Some readers took to the comments section and questioned if Polanco was truly a size 8/10. To quiet the skeptics, she posted a pic on Instagram of her jean collections, tags out.


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