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H&M: A Low-Key Size Inclusive Leader

While retailers are still resistant to featuring plus size models in their ads, H&M are quietly including them into its roster. Yesterday, the retail giant made news when plus size model Katy Syme in its latest ad campaign with zero hype. Today, Harper's Bazaar announced the company hired Ashley Graham as the new face of its H&M Studio Fall 2016 campaign, not a plus size capsule collection or body positive one-off.

H&M is of the few retailers to feature a plus size section in its stores. Last year, Tess Holliday was part of their sustainable fashion campaign with some fanfare. Say what you will about H&M's fast fashion, but they're walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to size inclusivity. Retailers should take a page from H&M's playbook and stop acting like working with plus size models is a big deal. Just hire them already.


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