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Twitter's #FatSideStories Will Wreck You, Then Give You Comfort

Yesterday, writer Your Fat Friend asked her Twitter followers to share their stories of dating as a plus size person. The response was overwhelming, and #FatSideStories quickly became a trending topic.

Men and women shared their dating nightmares, ranging from dates calling out on their size in public to carrying on relationships in private due to their SO's embarrassment. (Full disclosure: Strutter also contributed to the hashtag.) One contributor to the hashtag got woke real quick. Props are due, though. Not too many people would admit to doing these things to plus size people so openly.

Whether the hashtag will change how many people swipe right when a plus size person's profile appears is yet to be seen. As the hashtag proved, the strength in the numbers of plus size people sharing their stories shows that 1) dating sucks and 2) what was acceptable before will no longer be tolerated.

To read some of the standouts from the thread, read them here and here.

UPDATE 8/11/16: Artist Ali Thompson and Bad Fat Broads podcaster KC first came up with the question; Your Fat Friend brought it up on Twitter. The rest, as they say, is herstory.


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