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Iskra Lawrence Goes Toe to Toe with VS Model in Adore Me Ad

Iskra Lawrence will appear in a commercial for lingerie subscription brand Adore Me. The model/editor/body-posi activist will stand side-by-side with Daniela Lopez, who's posed for the Victoria's Secret Pink brand.

"Our goal is to promote inclusivity," says Morgan Hermand-Waiche, CEO, Adore Me, to Business Insider. "In the industry, these models would rarely be presented in one ad and we're very proud to be including both."

Unlike VS, Adore Me is size-inclusive. "When people make those comments — 'oh, you know it’s more expensive to make these [sizes] ... we need to forgo our margins ...' I never really understand [that]," says Sharon Klapka, VP, Business and Brand Development, Adore Me.

It sounds like Adore Me is positioning itself to be the David to VS's Goliath. But first, they have to play catch-up in sales: Last year, Adore Me made $42.7 million, Victoria's Secret made close to $7.7 billion.

The Adore Me commercial with Lawrence and Lopez will air in September. Even though images for Lawrence for Adore Me are available, they will never compare to this photo.

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