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U.S. Weightlifter Sarah Robles Wins Bronze in Rio

Last month, Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles was on Strutter's radar for different reasons. But, today, we celebrate Robles's bronze medal win in weightlifting, the first time Team USA earned a medal in that category since 2000.

This win for Robles is indeed a sweet victory. In a profile by BuzzFeed, Robles explains that her training keeps her from working steadily and depends on discounts at food banks and the generosity of her friends and family to survive.

While most Olympic athletes depend of third-party sponsorships to earn a living, it wasn't in the cards for Robles. “You can get that sponsorship if you’re a super-built guy or a girl who looks good in a bikini. But not if you’re a girl who’s built like a guy,” Robles says via BuzzFeed. However, she did get the attention on one company, who cannot advertise using Robles' likeness until the Rio Olympics are over.

However, Robles should be riding high from her win despite the setbacks. Her win isn't just noteworthy for the women's weightlifting division, but for the men's division as well. The men haven't earned a weightlifting medal since 1984, according to Deadspin.


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