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Bustle, Substantia Jones Join Forces for 'A Body Project'

This summer lifestyle website Bustle launched A Body Project, a series of of body positivity stories with photos by Substantia Jones of The Adipositivity Project.

A Body Project profiles self-identified body positive advocates who once felt diminished for their weight, race, gender identity, ability, sexuality, what have you, but found self-confidence through self-acceptance.

This week's installment features entrepreneur and designer Mallorie Dunn of SmartGlamour, who shares her attempts to accept her tall stature. The former model understands that her body-posi outlook isn't one-size-fits-all ."You just have to remember that [body politics activism] is not about you," Dunn tells Bustle's Marie Southard Ospina. "It’s kind of like when someone asks you to be a bridesmaid and you turn it into what you would want. You need to be aware and vocal about the fact that you have privileges, and help other people like you recognize their own."

Read more of Dunn's story, and all of A Body Project, here.


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