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Mia Tyler Says No to Detox Tea

On Monday, plus size model Mia Tyler posted a lengthy stance against promoting weight-loss teas on her Instagram account.

"DO NOT BUY INTO THE BULLSHIT! I get these emails weekly and I always just send them to the trash. I recently got this one from one of those big bullshit companies that all the plastic, famous for no reason 'celebs' promote," Tyler wrote. "You don't lose weight from drinking tea. It just makes you pee a lot. So you lose water. You lose weight from proper nutrition and exercise. Please please please do not buy into this crap."

While detoxing tea, or teatox, remains popular on social media thanks to the celebrities Tyler mentioned in her post promoting the drink, it's not without controversy. However, she does admit shilling for a weight loss product years ago because, as Tyler put it, she "was pretty low on funds." Can't blame a woman for trying to get paid, but it did wear on Tyler in a way that not even the worse side effect of a weight loss product could be capable of. "I've never felt grosser in my whole life," Tyler admitted. "I swore off the entertainment business in that moment. I hate lying to people for my own benefit."


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