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Strutter Summary for Sept. 4

Happy Labor Day! Hope y'all far away from the bad weather that's creeping up the East Coast this weekend. If you happen to be staying indoors until Monday, I've left you something to read that doesn't include a plus size phobic comedian or self-centered cable star's interview.

Ashley Stewart rose from the retail ashes to become a top plus size store with strong customer loyalty. (Boston Globe)

Buyer beware re: plus size clothing purchases on Amazon. (Teen Vogue)

A woman over a size 6 is cast in a film as a love interest. Progress! (Bustle)

Find out more about the All Woman Project, run by models Clémentine Desseaux and Charli Howard. (Vogue)

Liz Black broke all the plus size fashion rules and lived to tell the tale. (Refinery29)

I feel her pain, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the headline. (R29)


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