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If you bought your plus size clothing at H&M in New York City in the past, you no longer have that option. The retail giant removed it plus size section from all 11 stores in the NYC area, and the reason is both baffling and infuriating.

A reporter from Revelist investigated the matter, and was told by a few H&M sales associates that their stores stopped carrying plus sizes in store months ago. When the reporter called Corporate, a representative told her that the clothing section was removed to make room for its new sports, beauty and home goods lines.

You read that right: H&M took away its plus size line from 11 stores in NYC to make room for makeup and towels.

When customers ask the whereabouts of its plus size line, H&M sales associates are instructed to refer shoppers to its website. But we all know that's not the same.

This is a disappointing development, considering it placed a plus size model and launched a sustainable plus size clothing line with little fanfare. This is a HUGE step back not only for plus size culture, but for for H&M as well.


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