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A Check-in from Strutter

If you've been reading the site since its launch in April, then you noticed that I haven't been posting as much. This weekend was the first time there was no Strutter Summary to post! But it's for a good reason, I swear.

After months of searching (with some side gigs in between), I got a full-time job. While I was able to post after-hours, once Fashion Week hit NYC, I had to think twice about what to post. Do I want to report on the same three people in the plus size industry, or another runway report? Isn't there something else out there? I kept searching, finding bits and pieces of awesome news about the plus size world. However, I came up short this week.

The quick solve would be to hire a part-time editor. Yes, it would work...if I was able to pay someone. I won't ask someone to work on something if I can't pay for it. And I won't use the "exposure" tactic because, as a freelancer, I know first-hand that the work I did for free never lead to a paying gig. Kath says it best, really.

Bare with me. I'll promise to continue to post stories that pique your interest. As I mentioned before, I'll leave the fashion posts to the pros.


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