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Christian Siriano is Beyond Size

Designer Christian Siriano is having quite a year. Although the "Project Runway" winner has clothing lines through the years in stores high and low, ranging from Saks Fifth Avenue to Payless, it's his inclusiveness that is endearing him to plus size shoppers nationwide.

In the last year, Siriano launched a capsule collection with Lane Bryant and made a dress for actor Leslie Jones when she tweeted that no fashion houses would loan her anything. for her red carpet premiere of "Ghostbusters" this summer. To Siriano, he isn't doing anything different from when he first started out as a designer He's dressing people in all shapes of sizes, which he developed thanks to his family.

"I had my mom, who was super fashionable, but my mom was a size 16 growing up; and my sister was really into clothes but a size zero," he tells NPR's All Things Considered. "So I had this really interesting world always around me."

His collaboration with Lane Bryant is to intentionally disrupt the old guard in the fashion industry who still think size 2 is a sample size. "[T]here's so much hate, there's so much craziness going on in this world that clothes and fashion should be fun and fabulous. Like, it shouldn't be a stressful, horrible, intense thing." Amen.


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