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Opinion: Fight the Good Fight

On the way to work last week I saw an ad for a plastic surgeon. Naturally, the mark of a reputable surgeon is the quality of his or her subway ads because that's how we in NYC find doctors (right next to the ads for hipster bedding and storage spaces).

The breast augmentation suggestion (something along the lines of "Don't be afraid of Bikini Season", not pictured), the "Made in NY" label, combined with the model's bathing suit of an angry face (?), makes for an obnoxious message.

BUT! Yesterday morning, I noticed someone slapped a couple of anti-bodyshaming stickers onto the ad. Most women are thinking it when they see an ad like this; few will act and create a sticker for it.

It's kind of like what most are experiencing post- election. Sure, the fight seems big and overwhelming, but we can fight for a better world. It may not happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Giving up is not an option.


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