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Actor Has Mandatory Weight-Loss Clause in TV Contract

As part of her contract, actor Chrissy Metz must lose weight to coincide with her character's storyline in the NBC TV series, "This Is Us."

“In our contract, it did state that that would be a part of it, to lose the weight in the trajectory of the character as she comes to find herself,” she says to TVline. “That was a win-win for me. Because it’s one thing to try to do it on your own. But as human beings, it’s an ego thing: We’re more likely to do something for someone else.”

Don't get it twisted: Metz isn't being forced to slim down, nor is she promoting an unhealthy lifestyle "Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health. Not because I think that plus size, curvy, voluptuous, big bodies aren’t attractive — because I think they’re awesome and sexy."

Metz continued to stress that she isn't abandoning her plus size fans by losing weight:" I don’t do that. That’s not me.” However, Metz nor TVline mention details of the weight-loss clause: How much weight does Metz have to lose? How long must the weight must stay off? What are the consequences if Metz fails (or refuses) to lose weight? Or is the forced diet supposed to be a silver lining of weight-loss as health?


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