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NEWSFLASH: Body-Posi Retailers Have Some Work to Do

Within the last two years, lots of news about how more retailers are extending their sizes has reported around the Internet. But how many of said retailers are actually fulfilling its claims? A writer from Revelist went to some retail stores where body positivity is promoted to find out who is true to their word, and who is all talk.

Writer Jessica Torres didn't mince words. She took four retailers—Nike, H&M, Aerie and Lonely Lingerie—to task for poorly representing the plus size market they are trying to court. Torres went to these stores to find their plus size section, which was somewhere between scarce and non-existent. If the store did carry a size 18, Torres tried the clothing on and photographed the results. Not exactly a spoiler alert, but Torres left without buying anything from the body-posi stores.

Read the post, including Torres's closing words, here.


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