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Dieters Must Take "The Frog Prince" Route for Weight Loss

Doctors have concluded that not all diets work, and for those who want to lose weight, get ready for a lot of trial and error before finding one that works, according to a new article.

Researchers discovered that there are several types of obesity, like there are different kinds of cancer. Knowing this, it's no longer a mystery why the standard weight loss prescription of diet and exercise doesn't work. From The New York Times article"

It makes as much sense to insist there is one way to prevent all types of obesity — get rid of sugary sodas, clear the stores of junk foods, shun carbohydrates, eat breakfast, get more sleep — as it does to say you can avoid lung cancer by staying out of the sun, a strategy specific to skin cancer.

One of the doctors in the research group is counting how many types of obesity are in existence (59 and counting), and more than 25 have strong effects. If one is mutated, a person will become obese.

Read more about the research, including people who lost and kept the extra weight through various diets, here.


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