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Strutter Summary: The 2016 Edition

If you're one of the few who follow Strutter on a regular basis, thank you. If you do follow Strutter, then you know that the Summary collects of all the plus-size news during the week that wasn't coverage elsewhere. However, I missed the last two weeks. Why? The news was lacking.

Now, maybe you're like me and have Google Alerts set to "plus size news". If you do, then you know the "news" usually consists of fashion bloggers advising ways to wear leggings. That's. Not. News.

Know what else isn't news? Noted plus size advocates behaving like the straight sized: Don a bathing suit to the beach, wear a dress, talk about the post-baby body. Unless the dress is made of meat or looks like a swan, it isn't news.

I don't rely on Google Alerts alone. Sometimes I stumble upon something that needs attention. Two weeks ago, I noticed Twitter put up a warning before posting a photo of Tess Holliday in robe and bra, but not one of Ashley Graham in a bikini. Why is that? Twitter didn't respond to my multiple requests for a response, so I'll never know. But my knee-jerk reaction: Graham's plus size figure reads more straight size, and less offensive, to the general public.

While the plus size community made a lot of strides in 2016, there is a long way to go. We've seen plus size models on magazine covers, plus size actors on prime time TV and major designers extend their size ranges, but still face prejudice on the regular from strangers to doctors on a daily basis. Don't settle. Keep fighting.


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