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Thinx CEO Accused of Fat Shaming

A new article by The Cut goes into detail about the accusations brought upon Thinx lingerie CEO Miki Agrawal by a former employee.

Former head of public relations Chelsea Leibow filed number of allegations against Agrawal and other employees of Thinx with City of New York Commission on Human Rights. However, this is Strutter, so we're going to focus on one part of the complaint : fat shaming.

One of the perks of the office was ice-cream Fridays; Agrawal suggested that the treat ought to be changed to fruit because ice cream was unhealthy, and because employees were too heavy, said multiple former staffers. (More recently, she suggested a teamwide no-sugar detox. “It felt pointed,” said an employee.) When employees brought up the notion of expanding Thinx’s offerings into further plus sizes due to customer demand, Agrawal replied that anyone larger than a 3X ought to go to the gym and lose weight rather than purchase new underwear, according to multiple sources. Agrawal calls the fat-shaming accusations “unfounded,” and adds that she suggested having “fruit and berries to support healthy living.”

Agrawal, who seemingly doesn't take criticism well, has yet to give an official statement regarding Leibow's formal complaint against her and Thinx.


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