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Former 'Biggest Loser' Producer: Ex Contestants Weren't Committed to Weight Loss

The producer of new reality show "The Big Fat Truth" dismisses last year's study about weight loss by claiming willpower, not science, is the reason why some contestants from his former show "The Biggest Loser" gained most of their weight back.

To promote the premiere of "The Big Fat Truth" (it aired last night on Z Living), executive producer JD Roth told People magazine that contestants who gained weight after "The Biggest Loser" weren't committed to living healthier lifestyle after leaving the weight-loss reality show.

“I feel badly that some people from the show went back to some bad decision making patterns and gained the weight back, and felt ashamed. Here they are, they won the lottery and got on the show and lost all the weight and then gained it back.”

Roth, a TV industry veteran who co-created "The Biggest Loser" for NBC in 2004, says the study (originally published by Obesity and profiled in length by The New York Times in May 2016) never profiled contestants from "The Biggest Loser" who kept the weight off nor asked him to comment on the study.

"If they had shown the science, that the metabolism of the people who kept the weight off, has the same issue as the people who gained the weight back, that would be interesting,” he says.


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